Tips on Picking a Dress for a Heavier Woman




  • A dress with a V-cut neckline will help show off your collarbone. If you want to the focus to be on your chest area, a V-cut neckline will flatter your chest and direct attention toward your face. If you have a large bust and don’t want to attract attention to that area, a scoop-shape neckline may be your best option.


  • Dress Types

    • Image

    Like the V-cut neckline, the empire waist can help direct attention towards your bust and face. It also helps deemphasize the stomach area. Wrap dresses also flatter a full-figured woman’s body. Likewise, flat pleats can flatter your figure. Regular pleats, on the other hand, can make you appear larger because they bunch up around the waist area. For a flattering fit, the length of the dress should fall around mid-knee. If you are a tall, however, a longer dress creates a more balanced appearance. Try the dress on before leaving the store. Make sure that the dress doesn’t flare at the bottom.

Colors and Patterns


  • Avoid big, busy and loud patterns. If you have prints on the dress, make sure they are small prints that help slim the figure. Choose a dress with monochromatic coloring, colors derived from the same hue. The dress color should also complement your skin tone. Image expert Sherry Maysonave suggests that clothing with a light top and darker bottom is a slenderizing combination. Dark or black dresses are also known to help heavier women appear thinner. If you have a pattern in mind, consider vertical stripes. Vertical stripes direct the eyes up and down. Avoid horizontal stripes as they may make you appear larger.




  • While searching for a dress, include a bra in the search. The right kind of brassiere can make a dress not only fit better but also look better. Lingerie such as shapewear also helps you appear thinner. Choose hosiery that blends well with your dress and shoes. Avoid hosiery that clashes. If you want to add a belt to your dress, choose simple over gaudy and overstated. In addition, choose wider belts over skinnier options.

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