Shoes that suits you!

When we get dress of course there’s some gears which important! we have to keep an eye for this things like accessories : could be ring,bracelet,earrings.. or vest and some scarf, and also shoes!



nowdays, wedges are so famous among girls. There are many kind of wedges that cute and chic for girls. FYI, hijabers also wear this kind of shoes.. 

my friends are collected this shoes,(neither me).. they collected by it colors, it brand, and many more..

all of my friends said, if their have wedges with a range of kinds of colors, of course it can pair with the same dress’s color

uhm.. for me, i dont mind about the brand or trend, i just wanna wear a shoes which suits on me and couldn’t make my feet get hurt,, also the appearance of the shoes must be suits with my cloths style 🙂

About hocuspocuspuff

I was born at 28th of April 1994, i have many lovely people around me, they're always care at me, give me what i need,and what i want (actually not all sometimes they weren't gave me what i want,..) Since i was child, my mother always teach me how to make other people who lived around me accept me and gimme more attention to be more than i could be, i mean.. i have to interact my self with them and catch their attention with my ability, and make them love me just the way i am.. of course i have to treat them well and do not do something bad if i wont something bad happen to me.. i have my lovely crush of course.. he's so kind of me, he always told me that if i face the world with smile and always do the best for my ambition without make anybody hurt, i'll get everything.. and all of my problems would solve :) just don't forget still there's GOD beside you (whatta a wonderful word.. haha love you so my axel)
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