Its for you My Axel


i was send this pict to my love,Axel Giovanni. dunno is he like it or not.. 

i just tried to be more romantic.. I miss him so much, we’re separated by a thousand miles distance.. 


i took this pict when my eyes was can see that black spot under my left eye

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Hijab = Love


Hi! this me, wearing HIJAB 

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Hi guys! now i’ll show you a make up tutorial’s video based on korea style 🙂

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Korean fashion (Hallyu)

The Korean wave, also known as “Hallyu” has made its ways all over the globe. By now, there are more and more people becoming fan of korean fashion style. On top of that, Korean fashion statement is making their mark on the world’s fashion house because of the increasing popularity of Korean celebrities in the eyes of the world. Thus, these celebrities are becoming the Korean fashion’s ambassador to introduce Korean clothing lines to the world and to increase their fellow Korean designers’ profile on the fashion world. I would like to share my favorite Korean clothing with all of you Korean fashion lovers out there…

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Tips on Picking a Dress for a Heavier Woman




  • A dress with a V-cut neckline will help show off your collarbone. If you want to the focus to be on your chest area, a V-cut neckline will flatter your chest and direct attention toward your face. If you have a large bust and don’t want to attract attention to that area, a scoop-shape neckline may be your best option.


  • Dress Types

    • Image

    Like the V-cut neckline, the empire waist can help direct attention towards your bust and face. It also helps deemphasize the stomach area. Wrap dresses also flatter a full-figured woman’s body. Likewise, flat pleats can flatter your figure. Regular pleats, on the other hand, can make you appear larger because they bunch up around the waist area. For a flattering fit, the length of the dress should fall around mid-knee. If you are a tall, however, a longer dress creates a more balanced appearance. Try the dress on before leaving the store. Make sure that the dress doesn’t flare at the bottom.

Colors and Patterns


  • Avoid big, busy and loud patterns. If you have prints on the dress, make sure they are small prints that help slim the figure. Choose a dress with monochromatic coloring, colors derived from the same hue. The dress color should also complement your skin tone. Image expert Sherry Maysonave suggests that clothing with a light top and darker bottom is a slenderizing combination. Dark or black dresses are also known to help heavier women appear thinner. If you have a pattern in mind, consider vertical stripes. Vertical stripes direct the eyes up and down. Avoid horizontal stripes as they may make you appear larger.




  • While searching for a dress, include a bra in the search. The right kind of brassiere can make a dress not only fit better but also look better. Lingerie such as shapewear also helps you appear thinner. Choose hosiery that blends well with your dress and shoes. Avoid hosiery that clashes. If you want to add a belt to your dress, choose simple over gaudy and overstated. In addition, choose wider belts over skinnier options.

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How to Dress An Overweight Figure


Too tired, too broke, too depressed to care what you look like? There’s no excuse for putting off and wearing great clothes until the day you are a size 6. Many clothes can be bought and worn for several sizes, as you lose weight, if you are worried about throwing money away by buying “fat clothes.” Throw all your baggy, saggy, black polyester garments in the rubbish immediately. Start looking fabulous every day, no matter what size you are. Why? Because it will make you feel better about yourself and gain you more respect in the world, which in turn may open doors for you. Because you are worth it.



    • 1

      Let’s start with FOUNDATION GARMENTS. If they don’t fit right, your clothes won’t fit right. To find out your true undergarment sizes, use guidelines from the internet (see RESOURCE section below for links) and carefully measure yourself with a tape. Or better yet, go to a specialty store and get professionally sized. Once you know your size, choose foundation pieces that fully cover and support. Steer cleer of bras that have seams on the cup, padding, and embellishments that can look like lumps and bumps under your clothing. Never buy low-cut or bikini style undies – they give no support where you need it. Briefs may give you an unsightly bulge at the top of your leg. High-cut briefs are the most flattering.

    • 2
      Newport News

      The tighter your PANTS are, the fatter you’ll look. Go up as many sizes necessary to get pants that fit. Fitting into pants is always tricky for fuller figures. Either the hips fit or the waist fits, but usually not both. Lee Jeans are currently advertising no-gap waist jeans. Wide-leg styles and boot-cut fits are famously flattering for all figure types, especially fuller figures. If you are 5’6″ or 5’7″, consider trying “tall” rather than “regular” size pants. Pants that cover your shoes make you look slimmer. Lastly, stay away from pleated and drawstring style pants.


  • 3
    Jessica London

    SHIRTS and TOPS, like pants, should fit without being too tight or too baggy. They should draw the eye up and down, not across. Horizontal lines should be avoided. Any top that has the shape of a box when you hold it up should be avoided, too. V-necks, vertical lines, and material that flows out and away from the body are good choices. Avoid puffy sleeves – they’ll add bulk to your shoulders. Try to choose shirts that have unique details or visual interest. A solid-color top paired with black pants is cliche.

  • 4

    Bulky-knit garments will visually add pounds on you, and make it hard for you to get your winter jacket on. Go for sleeker, finer knits. Look for cardigans that button or tie just under the bust, then fall away from the body. If you find a cute cardigan with a belt, cut the loops off the sweater and discard the belt to create a leaner silhouette.

  • 5
    Newport News

    For DRESSES, think long and lean, not short and full. Though it’s hard with the current fashions, try to find dresses just below the knee. If a dress cuts you off at the knee, your calves look wider. Avoid belts that cut you in half, or any detailing that interferes with a long, lean look. Princess-cut dresses, v-necks, and bell sleeves are flattering styles to look for.

  • 6
    What's What

    Choose SHOES too chunky, and they will make you look clunky. Choose shoes too dainty and they will make you look heavier in contrast. Try to find substantial shoes that are neither too chunky nor too dainty, but still stylish and feminine. Backless heels are especially comfortable.

  • 7
    Victoria's Secret

    Invest in a long wool COAT for winter. This looks much prettier than wearing a big ski jacket over a dress. Your jackets should be sleek with minimal bulk. Pair your winter coats and jackets with interesting scarfs for added warmth.

  • 8
    Joan Rivers for QVC

    Like shoes, don’t pick JEWELRY and ACCESSORIES that are too dainty. Forego the little gold cross on the delicate chain or tiny Coach bag. Big and bold is the way too go. Wear minimal accessories, maybe just one piece with each outfit, but make that piece special. Stay away from plastic jewelry and anything that looks too costumey.


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Shoes that suits you!

When we get dress of course there’s some gears which important! we have to keep an eye for this things like accessories : could be ring,bracelet,earrings.. or vest and some scarf, and also shoes!



nowdays, wedges are so famous among girls. There are many kind of wedges that cute and chic for girls. FYI, hijabers also wear this kind of shoes.. 

my friends are collected this shoes,(neither me).. they collected by it colors, it brand, and many more..

all of my friends said, if their have wedges with a range of kinds of colors, of course it can pair with the same dress’s color

uhm.. for me, i dont mind about the brand or trend, i just wanna wear a shoes which suits on me and couldn’t make my feet get hurt,, also the appearance of the shoes must be suits with my cloths style 🙂

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